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QuikDeck can be stepped to allow access to nearly any bridge design or configuration.


New construction • Structural rehabilitation • General maintenance • Painting • Repair

Bridge access is in your reach – get closer with Safway’s products.

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The unique demands of bridge projects deserve specialty access solutions. Our specialty? Providing complete ground-based and suspended access solutions for bridge maintenance, inspection or repair.

Gaining access to even the most unreachable bridge locations has never been easier. For Safway, bridge access is part of our business. We have been a leader in providing safe and reliable scaffold, access products and solutions since 1936.

QuikDeck™ Suspended Access System


Designed for fast installation and worker safety, QuikDeck™ improves platform stability and enables multiple trades simultaneous access to the platform. Other benefits of QuikDeck™ include:

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Hoists & Lifts


Since every jobsite is different, Safway offers a multitude of ground-based hoists and lifts to serve the unique needs of your bridge project:

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Systems™ Scaffold


Systems™ Scaffold is built from the ground up, making it ideal for the dynamic demands of bridge work. Its unique, versatile ring set design accepts up to eight horizontal members, and horizontal and diagonal members can be individually placed to accommodate any shape, including bridge piers.

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If your bridge access needs require additional support, Safway's shoring provides a simple solution. Shoring systems are easy to assemble with time- and cost-saving benefits like self-contained adjusting hardware and extension frames.

How can we help you?

Throughout your project, you’ll have some of the industry’s best services and resources at your disposal. Safway is home to one of the largest in-house engineering departments in the industry, including 3-D modeling and animation capabilities. Our Bridge Division, based out of Scotia, NY, specializes in providing valuable resources and project-specific access solutions for bridges.

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